How to Vote

Vote on Election Day

Election Day is Saturday, October 24. Polls are open from 8:00am - 8:00pm. 

It is faster to vote at your assigned voting place, but you can vote at another voting place if it is more convenient to you. Find your assigned voting place on your "Where to Vote" card that was mailed to you, or by using the Elections BC Where to Vote App.

Voting Places in Vancouver Point Grey  

  • Broadway Store 2156 W Broadway
  • Fourth Ave Store 2156 W 4th Ave
  • General Gordon Elementary School 2268 Bayswater St
  • Kitsilano Community Centre 2690 Larch St
  • Kitsilano Secondary School 2550 Trafalgar St
  • Norma Rose Point Elementary School 5488 Ortona Rd
  • Queen Mary Elementary School 2000 Trimble St
  • Redemption Church 3512 W 7th Ave
  • St. Helen's Anglican Church 4405 W 8th Ave
  • Steeves Manor 1985 Wallace St
  • UBC - AMS Student Nest 6133 University Blvd
  • University Hill Sec School 3228 Ross Dr 
  • West Point Grey United Church 4595 W 8th Ave

Bring the following items with you when you vote on Election Day:

  • Valid ID that shows your name and home address.
  • Your "Where to Vote" card — bringing this with you will make voting faster and easier.
  • Your own pen or pencil to mark your ballot, if you wish.
  • Elections BC encourages voters to wear a mask when they vote to protect others. Voters will not be asked to remove their mask to vote.

Student Voting

Students can vote in the B.C. provincial election if they are a Canadian citizen, 18 or older on General Voting Day, and a resident of B.C. for the past six months.

  • You may still be a resident of B.C. even if you are attending school in a different province
  • You can also be a resident if you are from another province and attending school in B.C., if you have been in B.C. for at least 6 months before the election and meet the other voter registration requirements

Regardless of where you choose to vote, you can only do so in one jurisdiction. To find out more about student voting, visit the Elections BC website.