The Best Way to Support David Eby

The best way to support David is to vote early — get out and vote today!

Where does all the money go?

Your donations keep our volunteers fed and caffeinated, pay for crucial outreach materials like signs and leaflets, and let’s not forget, help fund a free car for the candidate. Oh, wait…

Facebook live Interview with Charlie Demers

Watch David’s live interview with Vancouver-based comedian and author Charlie Demers — answering your questions on everything from housing policy to conservation.

Join Team Eby

We need all hands on deck to make sure David wins again in Vancouver-Point Grey. On our team, there’s a job for everyone! We hope you join us today.

We can fix the housing crisis

Too many people are struggling with unaffordable housing prices in our city. But together, we can take action to fix the housing crisis.

Our chance for the government we deserve

The 2017 provincial election is our chance to elect the government we deserve. A video message from David Eby.