A message from David

I love the work you’ve sent me to Victoria to do. Exposing and cleaning up money laundering in real estate; pushing for new regulations to protect old growth forests and reduce climate change causing carbon pollution; reforming our out of control car insurance system to provide cheaper rates; making our schools safer and better for students and teachers; delivering more affordable daycare and hundreds of new childcare spaces; supporting our local bars and restaurants during COVID so they’ll be there on the other side — it’s been a great honour to work on your priorities and deliver on many of the things you’ve asked me to fix or improve. 

But I can only continue this work with your support this election once again. 

I hope you’ll continue to support me bringing forward your initiatives, because there is so much more for us to do. If you want to help, I’d be grateful — this whole website is set up to make it easy to sign up to pledge to vote, to volunteer, and to reach out to other people you know who might be interested in helping too.

On climate, childcare, actually affordable housing, healthcare and justice, I would be honoured to continue to work on the things we all believe in — things that will make British Columbia a better place for us, our children, and our grandchildren. Because making our province a better place for everyone is why I got into politics, and I’m hoping that’s why you’ll vote for me again this time.