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Working to ensure a clean and healthy environment for British Columbians goes hand in hand with preparing our economy for the future. David Eby supports low-carbon, sustainable economic development that delivers real action to combat our growing carbon pollution problem in BC. He’s standing strong against the sevenfold increase in oil tanker traffic in our community that the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project (Kinder Morgan pipeline) will bring.

A sustainable economy and environment must be a top priority for BC. David believes that achieving this requires support for jobs in clean and high-tech fields, manufacturing, tourism, education and the film industry, and responsible resource development.

The BC NDP has a practical plan for the province to combat climate change that includes reducing our carbon emissions by investing carbon tax proceeds into technologies and initiatives, like transit, that actually reduce carbon pollution. We’re already seeing the impacts of climate change here in BC — from pine beetle infestations to ocean acidification that is hurting shellfish aquaculture. David Eby and the BC NDP will deliver practical solutions to defend our coasts and our environment.


David has been a tireless advocate for affordable housing, continually pressing the Liberals to take action, organizing community town halls that have attracted hundreds of concerned people from across Metro Vancouver, and “leading the charge” in the words of the Globe and Mail, for affordable housing. David shone a spotlight on the issue of international money in our housing market in the legislature and in the community, forcing the BC Liberals to institute the flawed foreign buyer tax last year.

The BC NDP have proposed a two per cent annual tax on every property owned by an absentee speculator who doesn’t pay worldwide income taxes in BC, with 100 per cent of this money going to fund affordable housing initiatives. We have committed to establishing a team of auditors to prevent our real estate market from being used for tax evasion and money laundering. We have committed to using every tool of government, including publicly-owned land, to deliver truly affordable housing for people who live, work and pay taxes in Metro Vancouver.

David has defended the rights of tenants facing illegal eviction and massive illegal rent hikes. He’s worked with his colleagues to pressure the government to reform the Residential Tenancy Act to protect tenants against renovictions, abuse of fixed-term leases and illegal rent hikes, and to ensure tenants have access to the same tax grants that homeowners do.

David and his BC NDP team will deliver a rental housing construction boom across BC, for students, workers and seniors, along with affordable housing for families who live, work and pay taxes in our community.


As the father of a young child, David knows how difficult it is to find affordable child care in British Columbia. The costs of childcare during the pre-kindergarten years can be greater than the cost of full tuition for a university degree. That’s why the BC NDP has committed to a major increase in childcare spaces and endorsed the $10 a day childcare plan for BC.

Child care costs in our province are the second highest in Canada, causing financial and emotional stress on working parents of young children. Due to the high cost of housing, and perpetually-increasing costs for almost everything government does, including insurance, hydro rates and the Medical Services Plan, families in Vancouver are struggling. Available, affordable childcare will help to boost our economy, and will relieve financial and organizational stress for families across the province.


David understands that improving and maintaining quality public transit is vital to the needs of his neighbours and constituents in Vancouver-Point Grey — and to everyone living in Metro Vancouver. He knows we need more robust public transportation, and that means building and maintaining infrastructure. That’s why the BC NDP has committed to using the carbon tax to pay for activities that actually reduce carbon pollution — like transit initiatives.

Students and commuters living in Vancouver-Point Grey need to have access to better transit. Too many overloaded diesel buses pass by people trying to get to school or work every day.

An NDP government will clear the way to shorter commute times and help create thousands of good, new construction jobs by increasing the provincial share of capital funding for public transportation improvements to 40 per cent. David strongly supports the extension of the Millennium Line to UBC to ensure access to transit for the thousands and thousands of new residents arriving at UBC through the South Campus, Block F, and Jericho Lands developments. He opposes local amenity charges intended for infrastructure like parks and community centres being used to pay for a regional transit system, which should be paid for regionally.

As spokesperson for transit with the BC NDP, David held the government’s feet to the fire over its inattention to public transportation, including calling out the current government for bus pass clawbacks that targeted community members with disabilities. He has stood strong to demand reform of the failed Handidart privatization scheme, which has left thousands of disabled Vancouverites waiting too long for basic transportation.


Quality public healthcare is an issue that touches the lives of all British Columbians. As our province’s population ages, we will see an increased need for health care services across the province. A BC NDP government will expand home care supports for seniors, ensuring that people can stay longer in their own homes instead of in hospitals or care homes. This initiative will save money, and improve quality of life for many British Columbians.

The BC NDP will also deploy integrated medical offices with nurse practitioners, nurses and other healthcare professionals to take the pressure off of our overburdened emergency rooms, and to help families who have had trouble finding family doctors access high quality health care across BC.


Quality public education is the foundation on which we build healthy communities. As the MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey, David has pressured the government to follow through on promises for long-overdue seismic upgrades for our schools like Bayview and Lord Tennyson, ensuring that kids have a safe place in which to learn.

David hosted a town hall on education issues, where parents and experts provided information to our community about the chronic underfunding of supports for kids who need extra attention because they’re gifted, or because they’re challenged, in a particular area. He has supported athletic and cultural extra curricular programs, writing letters in support of funding for music and sports programs for kids.

Easing the financial burden on university students is also a top priority for David and the BC NDP. They have committed to making all student loans — current and future — interest free, and are offering a $1000 completion grant students can use to help pay down debt when they graduate. The BC NDP will also make BC competitive with other provinces again by introducing a new graduate student scholarship fund to encourage excellence in BC’s graduate programs. The BC NDP will keep tuition fees at colleges and universities under control, and support a massive expansion in the housing available to students on campus.

To ensure every member of our community can make the most of their skills, we have committed to eliminating fees for Adult Basic Education for those seeking to upgrade their skills and their employability, and English language training for new arrivals.

Click here to read the full BC NDP platform for the 2017 provincial election (101 pages) (PDF).