Getting Results in Vancouver-Point Grey

You sent David to Victoria to get results. While you have probably heard about his and the BC NDP government’s work on province-wide issues, like an implementing an old growth forest strategy, delivering ride hailing, cracking down on money laundering, implementing a nationally leading climate plan, and delivering a new and more affordable car insurance system coming this spring, he also worked on important community priorities that didn’t always make the news.

Read here about some of the local improvements David and the BC NDP government have helped deliver to your neighbourhood. There’s more to do — let’s send David back to Victoria to keep up his good work for our neighbourhoods.


  • Delivered new childcare funding for the Kits Community Centre to deliver day programming to support stay-at-home parents;
  • Supported the Save the Hollywood Theatre campaign to help save a community icon and deliver a community arts hub on Broadway that will support local restaurants and culture;
  • Funded a seismically safe new school, for students at Bayview Elementary while ensuring the prompt completion of the seismic upgrade at Kitsilano Secondary;
  • Supported the parents at Henry Hudson school to ensure on-site childcare was funded and supported at all levels;
  • Supported local restaurants and bars with reduced prices for beer, wine and spirits and improved patio space to support them during COVID; and, 
  • Supported local renters and landlords with improved resources at the Residential Tenancy Branch and better rules to ensure fairness.

Point Grey

  • Accelerated and funded the completion of the seismic upgrade of Lord Byng High School;
  • Worked with the local BIA to ameliorate issues caused by the vacant Safeway lot through contributions by the lot owner to street improvements, while supporting the developer to encourage the city to approve quick reconstruction of rental housing on the site to support revitalization of the Village;
  • Supported local businesses to identify vacant storefront owners and ask for cosmetic upgrades;
  • Encouraged the Canada Lands Corporation to actively work with neighbourhood groups in developing plans for the Jericho Lands development;
  • Supported the Hastings Mill Museum in a capital fundraising drive for essential improvements at the facility;
  • Advocated for accessibility improvements that were delivered at the West Point Grey community centre.


  • Initiated a long-overdue governance study for the UEL;
  • Advocated for and delivered funding restructuring for the new Lelem development’s community centre to ensure fairness;
  • Advocated for and advanced the business case for increased RCMP resources on the peninsula;
  • Worked with neighbours to identify problem property owners to support community efforts to improve property condition;
  • Regularly attended UEL Community Advisory Committee meetings to get feedback and deliver updates;
  • Supported community feedback and participation in the Area D planning process to ensure essential rental housing is protected and encouraged.


  • Supported and delivered in partnership with UBC the development of hundreds of new units of student rental housing to ease pressures on transit and off-campus rental housing;
  • Supported and delivered in partnership with UBC the development of more than 100 new childcare spaces at UBC for faculty, staff, students and the public, including badly needed infant care spaces;
  • Supported resident-requested road improvements around the peninsula by working with the Ministry of Transportation including a bike lane on Blanca, improved pedestrian crossings at U Hill elementary and West 16th Avenue, and movement towards consistent parking enforcement across the peninsula;
  • Eliminated interest on student loans to support new graduates and established graduate student scholarships;
  • Supported and delivered in partnership with Translink improved transit across the peninsula including new busses, new express lines and more service generally;
  • Met regularly with the AMS, UBC Administration and UBC Planning departments to ensure community members were up to date and had priorities heard locally and in Victoria.