April 17 | Justin McElroy

Because of his role with the party, Eby is a high-profile member of the NDP caucus. But watch his TV appearances, and you’ll notice many of them come from his constituency office, where a large blackboard with a map of his riding is prominently displayed.

The riding is essentially UBC plus the Vancouver neighbourhoods of Point Grey and Kitsilano — and those two have always been proud of their local identity.

“It’s really about showing up,” he said. “I’d hear lots of stories about, ‘Oh, Gordon Campbell used to ride in the Point Grey Fiesta parade, and Gordon Campbell used to show up at the school, and Gordon Campbell used to show up here. There were none of those stories about Christy Clark.”

“I saw firsthand the importance the community places on that. I sure am not going to be a person that takes the community for granted.”

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