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In the three years since his historic defeat of Premier Christy Clark in Vancouver Point Grey, David Eby has become a leading voice in British Columbia’s legislature.

Eby in his rookie term in the legislature has emerged as one of the most effective critics in the House. He’s one of the busiest too.

- Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, April 2016

David meets regularly with local business owners, community leaders, and neighbours from across the UBC neighbourhoods, the University Endowment Lands, Point Grey and Kits, to ensure community interests are well represented in the legislature through his legal training and effective advocacy.

David Eby was chosen second most popular provincial politician by Westender newspaper readers, February 2016.

Supported by people of all political backgrounds in the community for his integrity and commitment to fairness for all BC families, David has been described as “leading the charge” for affordable housing (Globe and Mail, March 2016), and as the NDP’s “pit bull” demanding accountability for an out-of-control government (Vancouver Sun, June 2016).

You may have seen David parked with his “mobile office” on a local street corner talking to neighbours, or on the news championing affordable housing for British Columbians, supporting rapid transit solutions to growing gridlock, insisting on high quality public education for our children, and calling for effective carbon pollution reduction policies to defend our climate.

David needs your help to win the next provincial election.

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Address: 3060 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, V6K 2H1

March 15-April 1st Hours:

Open 10-4pm Tues-Saturday
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